A simple way to implement payroll giving.

Why choose Wider Giving?

Wider Giving encourages your employees to make regular donations to their preferred UK registered charities. Donations are taken from pre-tax pay meaning each donation becomes worth more to the charity.

We provide a fully managed service, taking all the complication out of setting up a payroll giving scheme. We liaise with an HMRC approved Payroll Giving Agency to ensure funds are distributed accurately and quickly.

Wider Giving allows employers of all sizes to engage with employees, and the wider community, to provide support for charities that might not otherwise be available. On request, schemes can be tailored to promote your organisational value, staff fundraising events and your organisations favourite charities.

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Key Benefits

  • Offer your employees a tax-efficient way to donate to their favourite charity.
  • Complement and enhance Corporate Social Responsibility policy.
  • Support the local and wider community.
  • Promote social engagement amongst your workforce.